Corona storm knock in Madhya Pradesh, 11,045 new cases, record 60 deaths

In Madhya Pradesh, now the storm of corona has knocked.  A record 11,045 new cases were found in the state on April 15.  During this time 60 patients died.  Whereas in the last 24 hours, more than twice (112) patients were cremated in Bhopal with the covid protocol.  Beds are not empty in hospitals.  This is also the lack of oxygen.  Even if oxygen is somehow managed, not a single bed is empty in the ICU.  So stay at home.  The government is failing to stop completely.

Corona storm knock in Madhya Pradesh, 11,045 new cases, record 60 deaths

If we look at the statistics of the Department of Health, the first wave of corona is spreading infection more than 3 times faster.  In the first wave, 26,139 people were infected from 1 to 15 September, but in the second wave, between 1 and 15 April, Corona caught 84,179 people.  If you compare the deaths, 4,425 people have lost their lives so far.  This includes 60 deaths in the last 24 hours.  There were 367 deaths in the first wave, but 411 died in the second wave.

 Infection rate doubled

The infection rate in the state has gone up to 22.13%.  That is, every fourth person's report is coming positive.  In this context, the second wave of corona is more dangerous.  While the infection rate in the first wave was 11.2% on 15 September 2020.  That is, the transition is two times the speed of the second wave.  This is the reason that the government now has to make arrangements for 1 lakh beds, but only the beds will not provide treatment, for this a large number of oxygen, medicines and paramedical staff will be required.  Governments are engaged in chaos but still stay at home

Things are worse in Bhopal, 6 times more infected

In the second wave of Corona, the situation in Bhopal is worse.  According to official statistics, there are fewer deaths here than in September, but the pace of infection is 6 times more than the first wave.  In the 15 days of September, 2,788 infected were found in Bhopal, but so far 12,744 positive patients have been found in the month of April.

Active case close to 60 thousand

There have been 59,183 active cases in Madhya Pradesh.  Out of this 39,847 cases have been found in the last 15 days.  Whereas 7,286 cases were found in 15 days of September last year.  That is, the active cases have also increased about 6 times.  This is the reason why the Astapalas do not have beds.  The government is now arranging for treatment in government buildings besides the Covid Care Center.

Governments don't care

 Here the governments are playing politics amongst themselves, the statistics of deaths are gaining momentum day by day.

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